Thursday, February 17, 2011

"The Last Ringbearer" - The War of the Ring and after, from the other side's point of view...

Wired - The Last Ringbearer: A Mordor-Centered Perspective on Tolkien

"The histories of wars are so often written from the perspective of the victors, and such is the case with Tolkien’s classic The Lord of the Rings. However, back in 1999 in Russia, a paleontologist by the name of Kirill Eskov set about addressing the balance, taking up his pen in the name of orcs and goblins everywhere.

Yeskov’s novel The Last Ringbearer is set during and after the end of the War of the Ring and is told from the perspective of those who lost. Evidently it was very well received in Russia, but for fear of litigation has not made it beyond a few scant translated passages and various versions in other European languages.

However, a full English translation was published last year online and is available for free download. [GD: click through for the download link] ..."


Added to my reading list...

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