Saturday, February 19, 2011

One way to avoid Windows Live Writer "Temporary Post" spam - Use Scott Lovegrove's WLWBackup

Scott's Windows Live Ramblings - Prevent Those Annoying “Temporary Posts” From Live Writer

"So you’ve just bought a new laptop and installed all your usual programs, you now need to configure Live Writer to point to your blog. Great. Only, for Live Writer to get a good grasp of your blog’s theme, it has to publish a temporary post from which it can get all the desired information. Ok, fair enough. But, a lot of times, those posts will get picked up on your RSS feed, will then get tweeted for the world to see, or at the very least, your gran on facebook. You don’t want that. As much as you might think it doesn’t matter, you will get replies, mostly questioning ones (“WTF?!”).

So what can you do?

Well, if you have Live Writer configured on any other computer, then you can always bring those settings (including blog themes) over to the new computer. And it’s as easy as 1..2..3. There is a program called WLWBackup, which you can download from CodePlex (Shameless disclosure: it’s my app!). You will need to install this on both your other/old computer and your new computer.



Seeing the below WLW post spam in my morning feeds reminded me that to blog about Scott's post above.


There's really no easier way to backup and restore WLW settings, information, posts and plugins than Scott's WLWBackup utility (cough... until we get some kind of mesh/cloud sync built into WLW... cough... Hey a boy can dream, right? ;)

His utility "just works" and if anyone knows the ins and outs of WLW it's Scott. It really is as easy as 1..2...3...


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