Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OpenXLive - A social network (SNS) platform for Windows Phone 7 games (or "Don't write your own Leaderboard, Achievements, Online Gaming, Social Networking, and Cloud Store if you don't have too")

CodeProject - OpenXLive Tutorial 1 : Getting Started on OpenXLive


OpenXLive connects gamers on Windows Phone 7 with a social network (SNS) platform, and enables mobile game developers to add social networking features in games with minimal development efforts, including friends, leaderboards, forum, and more. OpenXLive was developed by Fulcrum Mobile Network, Inc. Similar platforms include OpenFeint and Plus+, both of which run on iOS devices.


OpenXLive enables and simplifies the development of social networking features for Windows Phone 7 XNA games. OpenXLive provides gaming community and social network user interface to be integrated into XNA games, which is not supported by Xbox Live.

Using the Code

With the introduction of XNA and related developer tools on Windows Phone 7, it became much easier to develop games on this new mobile platform than ever before. Individual developers can now build rich and interesting games on Windows Phone 7 with shorter timeframe and less development efforts. However, there are still huge gaps in terms of user experiences compared to games from major game studios. Individual developers spend a great amount of time working on features not directly related to game contents, for example, Start-up Screen, Leaderboard, Achievement, etc. It takes even longer time and more efforts to develop and integrate SNS functionalities, such as Online Player and Cloud Storage. Research shows that such features may take longer than the development of the game itself.

Now introducing Open XLive, which makes these features available for individual game developers and small development teams, so that their games can compete with those from major game studios.

Open XLive is a cloud service providing social networking services for Windows Phone 7 games. It brings cloud and SNS features to single player games, making it possible for developers to integrate cloud services into their games. These cloud services include, but are not limited to, Leaderboard, Achievements, Online Gaming, Social Networking, and Cloud Storage. OpenFeint on iOS provides similar services to iOS devices.

Now let’s get started on how to add Open XLive services to existing XNA games.





OpenXLive Wiki - Introduction


Looks pretty cool! I can't find a catch... Maybe just that it's new and still building out? Got to tell you, at first glance it looks pretty darn cool (there's got to be a catch... lol...)

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