Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pivot MSDN Magazine (as in quickly and easily browser, filter and view 10 years of MSDN Magazine Articles)

I'd seen the news flow about the new MSDN Magazine Pivot Viewer, but it didn't sink in until today (thanks to Pieter's Blog on Enterprise Development - Very cool: MSDN Magazine Pivot Viewer for the kick in the butt to check it out ;)


When you first start out, you see everything.


Your next step is to starting filtering the content a little, by entering text and/or selecting the the different filters (in about any combination)


So lets say you remember something about a WCF article that had to do with Web Subscriptions/RSS...


Okay, now instead of the publish date, if only we could only see it grouped/sorted by the author...



Let's see, can we see a little more detail? (click on the above items zooms you in)


That's it! 

How was this built and can you get the source?

Howard Dierking 


I think this implementation finally hits home for me just how powerful and cool Pivot Viewer can be... And it also seems a great way to "sell" pivot viewer to technical/dev management too... hum...


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howard dierking said...

Hi Greg - glad you liked it!