Friday, February 04, 2011

Presenting, the 8 step plan - Guy Smith-Ferrier's "How To Give Great Presentations" video series

Guy Smith-Ferrier - Video Series: How To Give Great Presentations

"UGSS (Microsoft's User Group Support Services) have just published a video series that I recorded last year on How To Give Great Presentations. This free series of 8 videos covers the following subjects:-

  1. Introduction (6 minutes 23 seconds)
  2. Choosing The Right Presentation (8 minutes 30 seconds)
  3. How To Explain Absolutely Anything (8 minutes 51 seconds)
  4. Planning Your Presentation (22 minutes 52 seconds)
  5. Nervousness And How To Overcome It (13 minutes 7 seconds)
  6. How To Give Great Demos (26 minutes 9 seconds)
  7. Preparing Your Laptop (19 minutes 21 seconds)
  8. Presenting Your Presentation (35 minutes 39 seconds)

If you're new to presenting and feel that the leap is a bit daunting this video series will help you. It is aimed at first timers but experienced presenters will also find tips and tricks to help hone existing presentation skills. ..." [GD: Post Level Level:98%]

Microsoft UGSS - How to give great presentations

"Giving your first presentation is a tough challenge. Other people seem to be able to do it but is it really just a case of standing up and talking?

This video series guides you through what you need to know to give your first presentation or to improve your existing presentation skills. You’ll learn how to choose the right subject for you, how to break subjects up so that your explanations and demonstrations are clear and understandable, how to construct your slide deck so that it covers essential subjects without sending your audience to sleep, why being nervous is completely normal and what you can do to make it manageable, tips and tricks for giving great demonstrations, how to prepare your laptop so that it does not fight you while you are presenting and finally how to deliver the presentation that you have worked so hard creating.



One day, in a galaxy far far away, I may be a "presenter" guy and wouldn't want to totally suck at it, so am gathering related resources and links.


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