Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reach out and... Windows 7 Touch Development Guidance in a 26 page XPS form

Pat's Application Compatibility Blog - Developing for Windows Touch? Windows Touch Guidance Document Now Available

"Did you know Windows 7 has built in multi-touch API's? Have you been wondering how to convert your current application to be touch enabled? Perhaps you want to develop the next cool slate PC app? Maybe you would like to start developing for touch but are wondering how to get started in C++, Silverlight, or WPF.


MSDN Code Gallery - Windows Touch Guidance


Resource Page Description
An updated guide for Windows Touch with information about approaches to Windows Touch and a comprehensive list of guidance for creating multitouch Windows applications.

This paper describes the Windows Touch investments in Windows® 7 and provides guidance for software developers who want to take full advantage of Windows on touch-enabled PCs.

The current version and release notes are maintained here at:

When you download the guide, you can learn about the following topics:

  • Design Principles. Recommendations on application design
  • Windows 7 Touch APIs. Windows 7 Touch, Gesture, and Manipulation APIs
  • Developer Platform Choices. Windows 7 developer platform support for Windows Touch
  • Software Quality. Windows 7 client software logo requirements
  • Windows Touch Assets. Additional developer resources


Windows Touch Guidance - Initial Release for 02-04-2011


Status: released
Release Date: Feb 04 2011
Updated On: Feb 08 2011

 Windows 7 Touch Application Development Guidance.xps
source code, 884K, uploaded Tue...


Some snaps from the XPS;




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