Tuesday, November 02, 2010

PDC 10 Session Video List

[Last Updated on: 11/5/2010 @ 8:15AM PDT]

TitleWMV HighWMV LowMP4 LowMP4 HighPPTX
BAC01 Ch9 Outtakes: Bust a Move
BAC02 Ch9 Outtakes: Constantinople
C901 11AM Welcome, 11:30AM WP7 Dev/Apps Q&A (1 hour)
C902 2PM Break, 2:30PM STB President Bob Muglia
C903 3-4PM Charlie Kindel (1 hour), 4PM Cloud Cover
C904 4:30PM Web Dev Q&A, 5PM This Week on Ch9 Live
C905 9AM Welcome, 9:30AM WP7 Controls Q&A
C906 10AM XNA for WP7, 11AM Dave Campbell
C907 11:30AM Programming HTML 5, 12PM Break
C908 2PM Mark Russinovich (cont.), 2:30PM Debug/Testing
C909 3PM Coding4Fun, 3:30PM This Week on Ch9 Live!
C910 12:30PM Scott Guthrie, 1-2:00PM Anders Hejlsberg
C911 12:30PM Eng Research, 1:30PM Mark Russinovich
CD01 Mysteries of Windows Memory Management, Pt. 1 of 2WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD02 Mysteries of Windows Memory Management, Pt. 2 of 2WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD03 Optimizing Performance for Silverlight WP7 AppsWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD04 Building XNA Games for Windows Phone 7WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD05 Analysis and Optimization of XNA Games on WP7WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD06 Things I Wish I Knew about Building WP7 AppsWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD07 Build Windows Phone 7 apps with Windows Azure PlatWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD08 Unlocking the JavaScript Opportunity with IE 9WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD09 Building High Performance HTML 5 Sites with IE 9WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD10 Pinned Sites with Internet Explorer 9 & Windows 7WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD11 3-Screen Coding: Sharing code between Windows ...WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD50 Silverlight: Tips and ARC Patterns and PracticesWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD51 The Rich Mobile Web – Today and TomorrowWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4High
CD52 Best Practices for Cross-Browser Web AppsWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD53 Introducing HTML5 Graphics : Canvas and SVGWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4High
CD54 Making Money with the Windows Phone Market PlaceWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD56 How Every Developer Can Use the GPU in Any AppWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD57 Direct2D and DirectWrite for Hardware AccelerationWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD58 High Performance GPU Games and Technical AppsWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD60 WPF Today and TomorrowWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS01 Building High Performance Web Apps with AzureWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS02 Building Scale-Out Database Solutions on SQL AzureWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS03 Building, Deploying, and Managing Windows Azure...WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS04 Composing Applications with AppFabric ServicesWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS05 Connecting Cloud & On-Premise Apps with Azure PlatWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS06 New Scenarios and Apps with Data in the CloudWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS07 Identity & Access Control in the CloudWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS08 Inside Windows AzureWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS09 Migrating and Building Apps for Windows AzureWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS10 Open in the Cloud: Windows Azure and JavaWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS11 Windows Azure Storage Deep DiveWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS50 Build Business Apps in the Cloud with CMR OnlineWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS51 Building Engaging Apps with Windows AzureWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS53 Developing PHP Apps on the Windows Azure PlatWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS54 Inside the Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarketWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS55 Integrating SharePoint with Windows AzureWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS56 Introduction to Database Manager for SQL AzureWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS57 Offline Apps using Sync Framework and SQL AzureWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS58 Introduction to SQL Azure Data SyncWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS59 Introduction to SQL Azure ReportingWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4High
CS60 Introduction to Windows Azure AppFabric CachingWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS61 Introduction to Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarketWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS62 Managing Access Control Service (ACS) NamespacesWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4High
CS63 Inside Windows Azure Virtual MachinesWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS64 Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 and RoadmapWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4High
CS65 SharePoint in the Cloud: Developing SolutionsWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS66 High Performance Computing to the CloudWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4High
CS67 Understanding Windows Azure ConnectWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS68 What's New in Windows AzureWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS69 Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus FuturesWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS70 What's New in SQL Azure?WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT01 ASP.NET + Packaging + Open SourceWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT02 Code First Development with Entity FrameworkWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT03 Inside Some of The Top OData ServicesWMVHIGHWMVMP4HighPPTX
FT04 Building Web APIs for the Highly Connected WebWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT05 Visual Studio IntelliTrace & Test Impact AnalysisWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT06 Better Code Through Smart Assertions & Unit TestsWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT07 Moving a Major Microsoft TFS to the CloudWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT08 Windows Workflow Foundation FuturesWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT09 The Future of C# and Visual BasicWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT10 LINQ, Take Two: Realizing LINQ to Everything DreamWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT11 Programming Languages PanelWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4High
FT12 The Future of F#: Data and ServicesWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT13 Lambdas, Lambdas EverywhereWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT50 Deep Dive into RazorWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT51 Software Maintenance and Problem IsolationPPTX
FT52 Parallel Computing Goes MainstreamWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT53 Test Automation EverywhereWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT54 Continuous Delivery:Product Backlog to Virtual LabWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT56 WebMatrix: The Web ReloadedWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
KEY01 PDC10 keynotes with Steve Ballmer and Bob MugliaWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4High
RSS Feeds (Only containing items in the above list with videos):

Here’s my first pass at my usual PDC Session list post. I know you’ve all been waiting on pins and nettles for it… lol :p

The encoded videos seem to be coming online a bit at a time so it’s going to be a bit before it’s fully fleshed out. As usual I’ll be refreshing this page throughout the coming week or so… Also I’ll post an RSS Feed(s) in a day or so (once the list fleshes out a bit).

This year it took me far longer to teak my cheese PDC List Maker (http://pdclistmaker.codeplex.com/) than it did to get the actual session data. WOW, what a difference it makes having the PDC data available as an OData feed. All you need to do is add a Service Reference to the OData feed, init the ScheduleModel and go…

Step 1: Add a Service Reference (http://odata.microsoftpdc.com/ODataSchedule.svc/)
Step 2: Code
  Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
    Dim svc = New PDC10OData.ScheduleModel(New Uri("http://odata.microsoftpdc.com/ODataSchedule.svc"))

    Dim sessions = From session In svc.Sessions.Expand("DownloadableContent").ToList

    For Each s In sessions
      For Each d In s.DownloadableContent
        Debug.Print(d.Title + " " + d.Url)

  End Sub

Step None: You’re done… Seriously, it’s pretty much that easy.

Kudo’s to blog.smarx.com - Building a Mobile-Browser-Friendly List of PDC 2010 Sessions with Windows Azure and OData who provide the step up I needed to get started…

Updated 11/2/2010 @ 10:30AM PDT: Added initial RSS Feeds.
Updated 11/2/2010 @ 1:45PM PDT: List & RSS Feeds refreshed.
Updated 11/3/2010 @ 8:30AM PDT: List & RSS Feeds refreshed.
Updated 11/4/2010 @ 8:00AM PDT: List & RSS Feeds refreshed. List now nearly complete...
Updated 11/5/2010 @ 8:15AM PDT: List & RSS Feeds refreshed. I think this is about it...

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Anonymous said...

Thank You Greg,
I've been waiting for the MS rss feed, and it just isn't happening.

Thanks again, now I can catch up...

Mark :)

David said...

Just another thanks. I find your lists so much easier than trying to find the full info from MS. Maybe they should just pay you to do these lists every year :o)

Keep up the good work


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Why does MS not provide such a list?

Instead you are forced to use this weired Silverlight app and leave the official PDC site with a bad attitude against Silverlight.

MS people are not really good in usability and design issues.

Can someone tell me why?

Jim Wooley said...

Of course, you didn't need to subscribe to the odata service, just hit the sessions xml natively. Using VB and XML Literals, it's easy to transform it as you wish. See http://www.thinqlinq.com/Post.aspx/Title/Create-an-RSS-Feed-for-PDC-2010-videos for transforming it to an RSS feed.

Thanks for the effort and great post though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. It seems the CD01 and CD02 videos (probably among others) that were available for download from the official site are no longer downloadable from there (however your links work). Only problem is the audio/video is terribly out of sync making them almost impossible to watch. So keeping an eye out for an updated version of these.

Greg said...

Yeah, the audio-video sync issue is known and they are re-encoding the files...

Hopefully the file URL's won't change so they will just auto-magically get better as the re-encoded versions come online.

Maarten van Stam said...

In case you missed it, I created a tiny tool (quick an dirty) to download all the slides and videos from PDC2010 as well as a sessions overview.

I included the source in case you like to make some changes and also a compiled executable in the download file if you just want to run it :-)

Check out my blog for the download:

Have fun!

-= Maarten =-

Murali said...

Thank you so much for providing the list and feeds. It saves the day for all of us.