Monday, November 01, 2010

Don’t miss this… Scrolling Menu Hotfix for Visual Studio 2010

The Visual Studio Blog - Hotfixes available for ‘scrolling context menu’ problem

“We’ve been looking into the widely-reported problem with Visual Studio 2010 where context menus contain scrollbars even when there is sufficient screen real estate to show the menu without one. We’re pleased to announce that there are patches available for Visual Studio and Windows Presentation Foundation that fix this problem. You will need to install both patches to fix this issue


I saw this when it came out, but didn’t think it would do much for me. I thought I was “ok” and didn’t need to risk applying a hotfix.


I just applied these hotfixes and am now thumping my head against my desk for being a lamer and not applying it earlier. It’s amazing how a simple little thing like this can save you so much time…

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