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One Official Boat-load of Web-Dev Cheat Sheets

Graphic Mania - Must-Have Cheat Sheets for Web Designers

“A web designer and developer needs to constantly switch between different software and applications to excel in their work. This requires them to remember a lot of things for each application which may not be possible every time, since there is a constant development and updates in the applications. A reference guide may seem to be a good option, but they are printed in a huge size where searching for the needed key takes a much longer time.

To overcome this difficulty, Cheat sheets have been designed which contain all the shortcuts in a single page which makes it easier to view the whole scenario. They are used as a reference guide which can be set as your  desktop background too, which makes the work all the more easier without the need to go and search it elsewhere or paste it anywhere for a quick glance.

We present here with a collection of cheat sheets for working in CSS, HTML / XHTML, Javascript, jQuery, .NET, PHP, ASP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop and Photoshop tools, InDesign, Illustrator and Fonts & Typefaces in Windows & Mac, Color coding and  Compatibility table between the browsers.

[GD: I’ve summarized the cheat sheets and removed the links (to avoid leaching their traffic, etc). Click through for a snap of each sheet and the downloads]

Color Coding

Colors speak a lot about the webpage and choosing the right combination of colors plays an important step while designing. Here are some of the tools which display the web safe colors as well as convert the colors from RGB to Hex and lets you calculate the print dimensions and more.

    • Color Code matching chart
    • Megapixel chart
    • Color Chart
    • BGColors
    • Color Chart


    The cheat sheets for CSS describe the priperties for CSS like Selectors, Pseudo-classes, fonts, text, background, Paging, Interface along with the properties and a brief about each for a quick glance.

    • CSS Visual Cheat sheet
    • CSS Cheat sheet
    • Current work – CSS
    • CSS Opera 9.5


    The cheat sheets for HTML / XHTML serve you a quick reference about the HTML tags, Character entities, Attributes, Events, Characters and their code and entities found in HTML and XHTML.

    • HTML Cheat sheet
    • HTML5 Cheat sheet
    • HTML5 Visual Cheat sheet reloaded
    • HTML Canvas Cheat sheet
    • Appendix of HTML / XHTML character entities
    • HTML Character entities
    • XHTML Character entitiy reference

    Fonts & Typefaces

    Font and Typeface are the backbone for any web page, these tools give you the fonts which can be used for both Windows and Mac, know about the complete anatomy of font and which font can work with which font?

    • Fonts for Windows & Mac
    • Mixing Typefaces
    • Font anatomy
    • Periodic table of Typefaces


    All the methods, Objects, Arrays, numbers, patterns and more in Javascript with small descriptions can be referred for a quick glance in these cheat sheets.

    • Javascript Cheat sheet
    • Javascript Reference


    The most popular Javascript library, jQuery which has its own Constructor, Setter method, Getter method, Property, Functions, Boolean, String, Array, Object, DOM, XML elements and a lot more are listed out in these cheat sheets.

    • API Cheat cheet for jQuery 1.4
    • jQuery 1.2 Cheat sheet
    • jQuery 1.3 cheat sheet
    • jQuery 1.3.2 Cheat sheet
    • jQuery 1.4 Cheat sheet
    • jQuery Selectors
    • jQuery Cheat sheet
    • jQuery Cheat sheet wallpaper
    • jQuery 1.2 Cheat sheet


    Quickly glance about the standard date format settings from the Date Time format settings cheat sheet.

    • .Net Standard Date Time format settings

    Browser & W3C

    Each browser has its own settings for each kind of elements, so compare different elements from each of CSS, CSS3, CSS filters with different browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari Chrome and Opera.

    • Compatibility Master Table
    • CSS Filters / Hacks


    Quickly refer the different Arrays, Functions, Strings and more for Mootools from this Mootools Cheat sheet.

    • Mootools Cheat sheet


    Go through the Functions, Variables, Expressions, Modifiers, Data Types and other from the PHP cheat for different versions.

    • PHP Cheat sheet
    • PHP Comparison cheat sheet table
    • PHP Rererence Sheet
    • PHP5 Online cheat sheet 1.3


    Give a quick glance to your MySQL Functions, Data types and learn from the sample queries from the cheat sheets displaed below.

    • MySQL Cheat sheet
    • mod_rewrite( ) Cheat Sheet

    Keyboard Shortcut

    All the shortcuts cannot be always remembered and tough to note it down each and every time, cheat sheets as keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop and other design programs, which can be galnced in a single page or set as a desktop background presented in this section.

    • Keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop
    • Keyboard shortcuts Cheat sheet


    Refer your Flash CS4, Illustrator CS3, InDesign CS2, Pen tool and Brush tool shortcuts from these cheat sheets without the need of remembering each and every shortcut.

    • Flash CS4 PC Shortcuts
    • Illustrator CS3 for Mac
    • InDesign CS2 Shortcuts
    • Adobe Pen tool Cheat sheet
    • Photoshop Brush tool
    • Black & White Cheat sheet for Photoshop


    • ASP / VB Script Cheat sheet

    Ruby on Rails

    • Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet

    Yeah, that’s one boat-load of cheat sheets, isn’t it?  ;)

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