Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Brian Harry helps us consume the alphabet soup of acronyms and TLA's released this week (Think "what to install where and in what order")

bharry's WebLog - Installing all the new stuff

"We released a ton of new stuff this week and this, of course, only adds to all the other stuff we have released. I got a request on one of my posts to clarify what is installed where and in what order. I’ll try to make sense of it all here.

First a couple of principles:

  • Servicing is all cumulative – Service Packs include all prior GDRs and QFEs, GDRs include prior QFEs, QFEs include prior QFEs if they modified the same binaries.
  • Feature Packs generally don’t change “core” product bits. There’s a weird one in the list below but I’ll explain how it doesn’t actually violate the principle. By “core” bits, I mean files that were included in the product when it was originally shipped.
  • Power Tools also don’t change “core” product bits.
  • Feature Packs and Power Tools are orthogonal. Feature Packs are only available to people with appropriate MSDN subscriptions. Power Tools are available to everyone with the appropriate product license (with or without MSDN).
  • Feature Packs are cumulative where you are likely to install them on the same machine. In general, we try hard to minimize the number of things you have to install. Power Tools tend to have the most separate installs because the Power Tool release process is very streamlined and doesn’t accommodate the coordination to manage cross-team accumulation.

Now let’s look at what we’ve released.



Given the this week's release blast, this is some much needed information...

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