Thursday, March 17, 2011

"RAM CPU Taskbar for Windows 7" (Not docked taskbar icon but using the taskbar itself to display and monitor RAM/CPU)

Kurt Shintaku's BlogTOOL: “RAM CPU Taskbar” for Windows 7 (3rd party))

"This is interesting – it takes your Window 7 taskbar and turns the entire bar into a dynamic visual monitor for RAM utilization & CPU utilization.

It essentially creates a color band on the taskbar in the background that updates regularly to tell you how much of your system resources are in use. The colors themselves have meaning: Green denotes Normal, followed by Orange for Warning, and then Red which stands for Critical or high RAM usage ..."

RAM CPU Taskbar for Windows 7


Like Kurt said, this is interesting... I don't know if I 've seen the entire taskbar used this way. Taskbar icons, sure, but nothing like this.

The zip contains a single exe and for me, ran the first time with no problems.

Oh yeah, the author? He only has a bit of time to work on this as he's in High School...

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