Thursday, March 17, 2011

Channel 9 now the one stop Microsoft event shop - One site, many events (MIX06,07,08,09,10 for now more coming)

C9Team - New Events Section Now Available on Channel 9!

"Hey folks, we’ve launched yet another new feature on Channel 9, making a new home for all of our ‘on-demand’ event content, consolidating the content from numerous domains and sub-domains.

So while you are waiting to attend MIX11, come take a trip down memory lane with us and experience the content from the MIX events of the past.

  • So far we’ve brought in all of the on-demand content from MIX06 through MIX10 and we are also hosting the newly released MIX11 sessions. That's nearly 500 MIX sessions and over 600 speakers!
  • We are in the process of bringing in all the PDC content that we currently have available at various locations (including PDC08, PDC09, and PDC10)

..." [GD: Post leach Level 95%]

Channel 9 - Events

Welcome to Events on Channel 9!

We have started moving content from our various events into Channel 9, bringing you more great technical content all in common location. So far we’ve moved in all the MIX content from 2006 through 2010, but we are busy at work on PDC, TechEd and more!


In a word... zomg, zomg, zomg... (Okay, that's like many words, but I'm weirdly exciting about this... as you can tell ;)

I've been asking for, well whining for, something like this for a few years now, a single repository for all Microsoft Event content. One place to go to for their awesome post event resources. And it looks like Channel 9 Events is just the ticket.

I hope the next logical step is to provide an Channel 9 Events OData feed (not RSS as I 'd like I can query, filter, sort, etc) so we can build uber cool event browsers/explorers/viewers/etc. How cool would it be to build a Microsoft Event Explorer (MEE... lol) that automagically includes the latest events due to a backend update/addition to the general OData feed?

Still as a V1 this is an outstanding first step. Hats off to the Channel 9 Team for making this happen.

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