Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Avoid the "oh, I forgot you were 8 time zones away when I scheduled this meeting" game with the World Times Outlook 2010 Add-in from Shai Raiten

Shai Raiten - Appointment World Times – Outlook 2010 Add in

"After some bad experience scheduling meetings with people in different time zones I decide to write a simple add-in for outlook that will allow me to see times differences while writing the appointment.

If you have to schedule meetings around the world you probably familiar with the and several more that will help you see the time and date difference between your location the the other attendees.




Even with Windows 7's support for multiple calendars (snaps below) I can see where this add-in could come in real handy...


NOTE: Once you download the ZIP, unblock it BEFORE you unzip it and attempt to install it... If you don't unblock the zip, you'll likely get a "certificate does not match" error on install (at least I did...). Once you unblock, then unzip and install and you should be good to go (again, at least I was)


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