Monday, March 28, 2011

Good to meet you Source. And you, Source... And you... Using Source Meet to meet about source [Beta]

Next Iteration - Source Meet

  • Source code collaboration from anywhere, in real-time
  • Integrated Instant Messaging
  • Virtual project team grouping and collaboration
  • No third-party applications required
  • Full integration into Visual Studio™
  • Based on a secure P2P overlay network, which provides a very high level of security


Source Meet enables software developers to directly and quickly view and edit source code together, wherever they are and in the development environment they are familiar with. Not only all of the modifications to the document, but also conditions such as highlighting or position changes are synchronized in real-time with all participants. The additional combination with Instant Messaging, virtual team grouping and context-sensitive collaboration significantly enhances the efficiency in cooperation for development teams.


Sounds kind of interesting, collaboration built right into Visual Studio. Not something I can use today myself, but I think it looks pretty neat (so will be watching it now... muhahahaha  ;)

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