Tuesday, March 08, 2011

If a little LINQ is good, then morelinq is?

Jimmy Bogard - Another source for LINQ extensions

"While poking around for LINQ extensions, I found a project on Google Code, morelinq, that has *numerous* LINQ extensions from some rock-star authors like Jon Skeet, such as:

  • Batch
  • Concat
  • Consume
  • DistinctBy
  • Pad
  • Pipe
  • Scan
  • TakeEvery
  • Zip


 Google Code - morelinq

"LINQ to Objects is missing a few desirable features.

This project will enhance LINQ to Objects with extra methods, in a manner which keeps to the spirit of LINQ.



morelinq - OperatorsOverview


morelinq - Downloads


As you can see the downloads are a little dated, but there's checked in source from about a year ago, so the project isn't dead. And even if it were "Dead" since the Source is available you can take it and run with it if you want... If you need some of the LINQ features, it might be easier to start with this than start fresh...

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