Monday, March 21, 2011

Speckie - Inline, real time spell checker for IE, including IE9


Ever since Internet Explorer was created, it has lacked an essential feature; Real Time spell check. Versoworks proudly brings you that feature, say hello to Speckie! The first and only dedicated Real Time spell check for IE, now works with IE 9! Download your FREE copy now.




Since IE9 came out I've been looking for a good inline real time spell checker that wasn't part of a toolbar. IESpell is great and works, but its not inline nor real time (must have my red squiggles). IE7Pro used to me my favorite, but since that's been abandoned I've been on the lookout...

Until today

On the drive to work I caught the latest Windows Weekly, Windows Weekly 200: This Time It's Personal, and in the IE9 Tip of the week Paul mentioned Speckie an extension I've not heard or before. Downloaded, installed and seems to be JUST the thing I was looking for... If you play the Spell Check Game like I do (spell it just close enough so the spell checker can guess it right...) then this free extension might be just for you too...

(via twit Windows Weekly - Windows Weekly 200: This Time It's Personal)

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