Friday, March 04, 2011

"Introduction to Mobile Application Development Using Silverlight [Windows Phone 7]" lectures and resources from the Microsoft Faculty Center

Microsoft Faculty Center - Introduction to Mobile Application Development Using Silverlight (1 of 3), (2 of 3), (3 of 3)

"This course teaches students through lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and homework assignments. Students learn the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to develop a mobile application on the Windows Phone 7 platform using Microsoft Silverlight. Prior to taking this course, you should have some background in programming (preferably C#, but C, C++, Java helps).


Lesson Overviews

The Walkthrough videos in each lesson discuss the associated PowerPoint file and how to cover the material.

Lecture 1: Industry Perspective

  • Assignments (Word and Source Files)
  • Demos (Word and Source Files)
  • Silverlight Tools Demo – Hello Phone (Video)
  • WP7 L1 Industry Perspective (PowerPoint)
  • WP7 L1 Industry Perspective Walkthrough (Video)

Lecture 2: Anatomy of a Mobile Application

  • Assignments (Word and Source Files)
  • Isolated Storage Demo (Video)
  • Isolated Storage Demo (Word and Source Files)
  • Navigation Demo (Video)
  • Navigation Demo (Word and Source Files)
  • SIP Demo (Video)
  • SIP Demo (Word and Source Files)
  • WP7 L2 Anatomy of a Mobile Application (PowerPoint)
  • WP7 L2 Anatomy of a Mobile Application Walkthrough (Video)

Lecture 3: Multimedia Integration

  • Assignments (Word and Source Files)
  • Bing Maps Demo (Video)
  • Demo 1 – Media Launcher (Source Files)
  • Demo 2 – Media Element (Source Files)
  • Demo 3 – Web Browser (Source Files)
  • Demo 4 – Bing Maps (Source Files)
  • Media Element Demo (Video)
  • Media Launcher Demo (Video)
  • Web Browser Control Demo (Video)
  • WP7 L3 – Multimedia Integration (PowerPoint)
  • WP7 L3 – Multimedia Integration Walkthrough (Video)


Here's a snip of the files from Lecture 1;


The HelloPhone.docx (i.e. assignment walkthrough)


So pretty much a complete class, all you need to do is give or consume it...


Mobile Application Developers said...

This seems to be a really useful class. Getting the basics down with the windows platform could be especially beneficial seeing as the market for that platform is ever expanding.

Mobile Application Development said...

This is good to read and I appreciate it that you shared something good. Thanks.