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Visual Studio 2010 and MSDN Licensing Whitepaper Updated

Microsoft Downloads - Visual Studio 2010 and MSDN Licensing White Paper

Visual Studio 2010 and MSDN Licensing Whitepaper - Mar-2011.doc, 388KB

Visual Studio 2010 and MSDN Licensing Whitepaper - Mar-2011.pdf, 637KB

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Version: 1.0

Date Published: 3/24/2011

Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 provides a comprehensive, highly flexible set of application life-cycle management (ALM) tools. With the introduction of Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft made significant changes to simplify decision-making for customers and make products more accessible. This white paper provides an overview of the Visual Studio 2010 product line and the licensing requirements for those products in common deployment scenarios. For a definitive guide to licensing terms and conditions for products licensed through Microsoft Volume Licensing, see the Microsoft Licensing Product Use Rights (PUR) document and applicable licensing agreements. For retail customers the license terms are specified in the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) included with your product or with your MSDN subscription


From the PDF:

Licensing White Paper Change Log
March 2011

  • Introduction of unlimited load testing for Visual Studio Ultimate for MSDN subscribers.
  • Introduction of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 and Project Server Integration Feature Pack.
  • Introduction of full Visual Studio product line via the Enrollment for Education Solutions in the Campus Agreement program in Microsoft Volume Licensing.
  • Addition of Windows on the Developer Desktop section.
  • Addition of Software Activation section.
  • Clarifications in General Licensing Guidance for Team Foundation Server 2010 section.
  • Clarifications on Team Foundation Server CALs requirements, including the CAL Exception for Certain Work Items.
  • Clarification that a Project Server CAL is included with production use of Project Professional 2010.
  • Clarification on software use rights for MSDN subscriptions provided via the Microsoft Partner Network.
  • Minor clarification in Distribution of MSDN Software as Part of an Installation Image.
  • Minor clarification in Assigning MSDN Subscriptions to External Contractors example.

Any help making Visual Studio & MSDN licensing clear (well clearer at least) is good help...

(via Wes MacDonald - Visual Studio 2010 and MSDN Licensing White Paper (updated))


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