Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All-In-One Code Framework is now on MSDN Code Gallery, has a new sample browser and is cooler than ever


All-In-One Code Framework - More Searchable, Interactive and Optimized for Code Samples - Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework has a new home on MSDN Code Sample Gallery

"Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework - the free, centralized and developer-driven code sample library is having a new home on MSDN Code Sample Gallery to deliver a more friendly user experience to tens of thousands of developers worldwide.

The new MSDN Code Sample Gallery provides developers a greater experience around learning from code samples and enables access to the code samples where it is most relevant and in context. Thanks to the partnership with the great MSDN Code Sample Gallery team, Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework is moving its ever growing code sample library and its code sample request service to the new gallery. Here are the key improvements based on this migration.

● Sample Browser ^online coming in this week


● Better search function specially designed for code samples


● Better feedback channels


● Request a Code Sample


● Localization of Code Samples coming soon


All-In-One Code Framework - New Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework “Sample Browser” v3 Released

"Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework Sample Browser v3 was released today, targeting to provide a much better code sample download and management experience for developers.

Install: (a tiny ClickOnce install)

Background of Sample Browser v3

Last month, we reached the milestone of releasing Sample Browser v2, whose features focus on providing better experience for browsing and searching around 600 code samples of Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework. We heard an important feedback from developers after that release: the sample browser accompanied with all 600 code samples is too large to download and hard to update when new releases come. We took this feedback seriously and make the enhancement in this new version of Sample Browser. In partnership with the MSDN Code Sample Gallery, the code sample download and management experience is now dramatically improved in Sample Browser v3.

Key features of Sample Browser v3

1. "on-demand" sample downloading


2. Sample download management


3. Auto-update


This is one of my favorite projects and code sample sources. The stuff you can find here and that is added is always very cool and interesting. This move only makes me like it the more.

Here's a snap of the new MSDN Code Gallery for the All-in-One Code Framework. 558 code samples, so far...




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