Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Caliburn.Micro RTW’s (Think a”Lighter/smaller/micro MVVM Framework for WPF, WP7 & Silverlight)

NET & Funky Fresh -Caliburn.Micro RTW, NuGet Support, Mix Open Source Festival!

“Today, I’m proud to announce the v1.0 RTW of Caliburn.Micro for WPF, Silverlight and Window Phone 7! The idea was born last year at Mix10 after my Build Your Own MVVM Framework talk received overwhelmingly positive feedback. I want to give a big thanks to the developers who put their time into this. Thanks Christopher, Marco and Ryan! Also, I want to say thanks to the community. It’s been exciting to see how fast a rich community of developers has grown up around this project and to see how many people are speaking about Caliburn.Micro at their local user groups, code camps and even major conferences such as Codestock and teched.

Along with his release comes a number of bug fixes and even a few new features, such as the new WindowManager for WP7 which provides View-Model-First modal dialogs with animations designed after the native MessageBox. Be sure to thank Marco for that. After you thank Marco, you need to give props to Ryan who spearheaded the NuGet package development. As of right now, Caliburn.Micro can be installed quite easily from Visual Studio. If you have NuGet 1.2 or later installed, from the Package Manager Console, just type:


When I first saw “Caliburn.Micro” a while ago I thought it was Caliburn for micro sized, compact, etc platforms, i.e. phone and the like. Boy was I under the wrong impression…

Caliburn.Micro is really a rethink of a MVVM framework. Micro as in small, lighter, not-heavy, etc.


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Doing WPF/SilverLight? Interested in presentation patterns like MVVM, MVC? Testing/TDD friendly development? Solutions to common UI architecture problems? Then Caliburn might just be for you

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