Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hunting down evil PDF's with the "Malicious PDF Analysis Workshop Screencasts"

Didier Stevens - Malicious PDF Analysis Workshop Screencasts

"After giving my Malicious PDF Analysis workshop at Hack In The Box Amsterdam, I decided to produce a screencast for each exercise (there are 20 exercises). You can find the first screencasts here. More will be produced soon.

Materials you’ll need for the exercises:

  • my PDF tools
  • the exercises themselves (password for the ZIP file is “infected” without the double-quotes; there’s no malware in the exercises, but some might still trigger AV)
  • my free e-book on PDF analysis
  • SpiderMonkey

image ..." [GD:Click through for the download and video links]

I thought this a pretty cool series, and tools, to help your dig deep into PDF's...

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