Friday, May 20, 2011

PDC Way Back Machine... Stuff, PPT's, Keynotes, etc from most PDC's all the way back to 1991 now available

Cool Stuff (a Channel 9 Blog) - Microsoft Professional Developers Conference Keynote Archives Now Online!

"The Channel 9 events area now includes all keynotes from previous Microsoft Professional Developers Conferences or as everyone calls it The PDC! Our archives start with the very first PDC which happened in Seattle in 1991 and go all the way up last fall’s event. ..."

Channel 9 Events - PDC



Looks like my first PDC is missing currently though, PDC 2001 in Los Angeles. Still some of this content really brings back some memories (some of which are better left where they were... lol )

Every update like this make me like the Channel 9 Events site more. Now if only... [Insert whine related to wish list section of this post]


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