Monday, May 09, 2011

PreEmptive's Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone 7 keeps on running - Free until further notice...

PreEmptive Solutions - Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone 7 Apps extended until further notice.

"Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response; we are delighted to announce that the WP7 development community will continue to have free use of PreEmptive Solutions Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone until further notice.

What does “until further notice” mean? We heard loud and clear that a lot of you actually held back and chose not to take advantage of the initial offer because you were nervous about the service being suddenly taken away and so, in addition to extending the free offer, we are committing that we will not make any changes to this offer without a minimum of a 60 day notice (and we have no plans at this time to make any changes).

Here are some of the main goals for application analytics:
• Measure adoption & activity
• Improve user experience
• Measure and improve quality
• Simplify and improve support
• Enable user profiling



Don't guess what your users are doing with your app, get hard and real numbers (please ask them first though!)


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