Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Regex Hero (no, not you, the free Silverlight based Regex tester, library Regex Hero)

Farblondzshet in Code - Regex Hero: Free online regular expression tester

“A regex tester is one of those tools developers often need. I used many different ones over the years and have never settled on one that I really like. I have seen some paid ones that looked promising but I hoped to find a good free one. A few months ago I came across Regex Hero which is an online Silverlight based regex tester for .NET. It has both a free and a paid version ($15) . I have not used the paid version so my description is based solely on the free version.


Been a while since I’ve blogged about Regex and seeing Matthew’s post, the fact that Regex Hero is a Silverlight app, it provides .Net (C# & VB) code snips and the free version is very usable, well how could I pass it up?

Here’s some snips.


One of the cool things, being Silverlight, is that it can use local isolated storage. In short, it remembers what you did last on this machine when you revisit the site.

I mentioned .Net code snips?



The “reference” section provides a very simple quick look-up,reference for common regex expressions;


Via the tools menu you can also generate a permalink to a regex expression you’re working on for sharing…


For example, http://regexhero.net/tester/?id=642f17e8-e8d9-4606-ac16-05d5a9a2b9b8

And lastly you can save your expressions on the site and access a library of expressions from others;


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