Wednesday, June 15, 2011

.Net 4 Update GDR (35 fixes and 6 new features)

InfoQ - Update to .NET Framework 4

A General Distribution Release of .NET 4 was published on the 11th of June. This includes numerous fixes and features, many of which were previously published as individual hot fixes. There are also updates to the HTML 5 and portable library support. For your convenience we have sorted the fix list by technology. For the complete list, including file versions, see KB 2468871.


Microsoft Support  - Update for the .NET Framework 4 (Article ID: 2468871)

"This article describes a General Distribution Release (GDR) update for the Microsoft .NET Framework 4. This update includes all the previous update packages in Microsoft Knowledge Base articles that are listed in the "Update replacement information" section.

This update also resolves some issues that were not documented in a previously released Knowledge Base article. For more information about these issues, see the "More information" section.


Feature 5

Changes to the support portable libraries. These changes include API updates and binder modifications. This update enables the CLR to bind successfully to portable libraries so that a single DLL can run on the .NET Framework 4, on Silverlight, on Xbox, or on the Windows Phone. This update adds public Silverlight APIs to the .NET Framework 4 in the same location. The API signatures will remain consistent across the platform. All modifications are 100 percent compatible and will not break any existing code.

Feature 6

The update extends the support of the portability files to compile Silverlight 5 XAML files.


6-15-2011 2-22-25 PM..."

Microsoft Downloads - Microsoft .NET Framework 4 KB2468871


Haven't seen much on this .Net 4 GDR update today or yesterday, so thought to mention it...


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