Thursday, July 14, 2011

The California Budget, webified, digitized and beautified (in at least its pretty, seeing where that those tax dollars are going...)

Sunlight Foundation - Digitizing the California Budget

"Budget transparency for the state of California is the subject of California Common Sense, a new website launched by Stanford University students and alumni. It includes reports and transparency tools that dig into the California budget and open data up to the public. Sunlight recently highlighted similar efforts in Minnesota and Oregon.


California Common Sense - Transparency - California's first-ever data transparency portal

'We are fundamentally changing how citizens interface with government. More will be added, so check back as data is released and posted. Also, we will be adding a forum feature to allow you to share screenshots and descriptions of the information you find using the visualizations. Then anyone can vote to identify which stories from the data are most compelling. Eventually, we will connect authors of the leading stories with politicians to ensure government is accountable to you.




What's interesting is that these charts/tables/etc are interactive, in that you can click to explore, filter them, download them to Excel, hover for more details, etc. If you've ever wondered where you tax dollars are going...

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