Friday, July 29, 2011

e-Discovery, Star Trek style

e-Discovery Team - Star Trek Meets e-Discovery: Episode One – Captain Kirk is Ordered into the Neutral Zone

"Ever wonder what would happen if Star Trek was in the enterprise of e-discovery? Well, wonder nor more. Here is the first in a series of animations on Star Trek Meets e-Discovery. In this first episode we see what happens when The Sedona Conference takes over Starfleet Command and orders Captain Kirk into the Neutral Zone. Yes, this is another one of my attempts at creative education where a user friendly teaching lesson is provided on the doctrine of Cooperation and Rule 1, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Training need not be boring. As I like to say, creativity is the friend of learning and boredom is the enemy.


This is so wrong, it's right. This will mean nothing to those not in the Legal Industrial Complex, but even if not, you might get a chuckle out of it. If you are, you might like to share it...

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