Monday, July 04, 2011

Getting your NuGet Gallery Orchard Growing... - Create NuGet Gallery with Orchard (Using the included power shell script)

"If you want to use NuGet to share packages you use a external libraries in your organization, it's a good idea to host your own NuGet server. There are many examples of how to create packages on the official NuGet site, however I reccomend that you use your CI build server to create packages and push them to your internal NuGet server (Unless you want to publish your stuff on the official NuGet server which is also possible, of course).

However, if you want to impress your colleagues, and show of your packages in a cool way, you should get a copy of the Orchard gallery with the NuGet package theme.

At you will find a guide on how to create your own gallery. However, they don't mention the most important part. The gallery includes a power shell script that allows you set up the gallery and feed service with one click.

The only problem with the included script is that it's full of bugs. The following guidelines will help you correct the bugs and run the scripts. The assumption is that you will run this on some remote computer to make it available for everyone in you organization.


I'm a firm believer that NuGet can be used to dramatically change how components and code is shared inside an organization. That maybe this is finally a shared component repository model that will really work (sigh, I can't even count the new of component repositories comes and go over the years...). All the pieces seem to be moving into place and it may be just a matter of getting those inside your organization introduced to NuGet, let them see the power it provides and start them thinking about how it can be used inside the firewall. I know YOU don't need to be sold on NuGet, you're here, reading this, and likely in front of the dev wave, but I 'd bet there's those inside your Org that might not be as ahead as you are...

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