Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jesse liberates our LINQ'ness - Learning LINQ, from LINQPad to Visual Studio

Jesse Liberty - LINQ Pad vs. Visual Studio for Learning LINQ

"As noted in numerous other postings, I’m convinced that LINQ is an essential aspect of  serious Windows Phone (or virtually any .NET) programming. One of the great tools to come along for learning and working with LINQ is LinqPad, created by Joseph Albahari.

In my forthcoming book Programming Reactive Extensions and Linq we use LinqPad for virtually all the exercises, as I do for many example postings here. It is important to be able to translate form LinqPad (which strips down a program to its essentials) to Visual Studio, where you will almost certainly be doing the bulk of your serious programming.

In this posting we’ll take a LINQ query, examine it in LinqPad and then migrate it to Visual Studio. Along the way we’ll look at how you can interact with a database file in LINQ and how you can set the datacontext for a LINQ to SQL query


I dig how Jesse takes us from the must use LINQ utility, LINQPad, through into using the LINQ statements in Visual Studio.


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