Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Since we're talking about LINQPad... StreamInsight v1.2 Driver and samples for LINQPad

Microsoft StreamInsight - Updated LINQPad Driver and Samples

"With the release of StreamInsight V1.2 we also updated our LINQPad driver. It is now aware of StreamInsight versions, so that a sample can fail gracefully if the required library version is not found.

You can install the new driver (of update your existing one) as follows: In LINQPad click on Add connection:


If you had downloaded samples for an earlier version, confirm that you want to overwrite them. The samples are now available in the StreamInsight subfolder:


We will discuss the features that are demonstrated by the new samples (What’s New in 1.2) in an upcoming series of blog postings."

I've not blogged about StreamInsight much (cough... at all), but that doesn't mean I'm not watching out for it. CEP (Complex Event Processing) looks like an interesting area and as we get inundated with more and more date, processing it at speed and turning it into information, could grow into an important business aspect (think monitoring all the event logs for all your systems... or social media "hoses"... dealing with "big data"... etc. etc...)


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