Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I know there's Stack there somewhere... CLR Stack Explorer (Think Managed Stack Explorer but with 32/64 bit & CLR2/4 Support)

All Your Base Are Belong To Us - CLR Stack Explorer – Preview

Synopsis: CLR Stack Explorer obtains reliable call stacks of managed processes, supports any combination of 32-bit/64-bit and CLR2/CLR4.

I’m happy to announce that CLR Stack Explorer, a tool I’ve been working on during the last few days, is now ready for preview. Frankly, I have Managed Stack Explorer to thank for this little project – its lack of support for CLR 4 has encouraged me to embark on this journey.

You can find the bits here – but please remember this is a very early preview with probably lots of bugs. Your process may crash as a result of using this tool to view its call stacks.

This is the basic experience when using CLR Stack Explorer:


interesting and something worth keeping an eye on.

Shout-out to @huseyint for the heads up about this.


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