Monday, July 18, 2011, alive and kicking...

"More than 6 months ago I blogged about starting his path toward extinction. Soon after that, due to the "stubbornness" of the main committer, a few forks appeared, the biggest of which was by Troy Howard.

At the end of the year, despite the promises of the main committer of complying to the request of the Apache board by himself, nothing happened and went really close to be being shut down. But luckily, the same Troy Howard that forked a few months before, decided, together with a bunch of other volunteers, to resubmit the documents required by the Apache Board for starting a new project into the Apache Incubator; by the beginning of February the new proposal was voted for by the Board and the project re-entered the incubator.

Since that day a lot happened to

What is going to happen next?

At the moment, together with catching up with the long backlog, they are working on a SL/WP7 version of, evaluating a new and better automatic porting system from Java and already looking at starting with Lucene 3.

Shall I start using with confidence?

The answer is definitely yes.  ..."

This is like a granddaddy of Java to .Net ports. Been following its evolution since 2004, the up and downs, and it's been an interested story. Good to see that it's not only not dead, but alive and kicking. The idea of a WP7 version of it already has me thinking projects... :)

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