Monday, July 18, 2011

Sysinternals Process Explorer v15... Celebrating the 15th anniversary of Sysinternals (and the release of The Windows Sysinternals Administrator's Reference)

Sysinternals Site Discussion - Updates: release of The Windows Sysinternals Administrator's Reference, Process Explorer v15, Listdlls v3.1, new utility Findlinks v1, and Mark to Speak at Black Hat US 2011

"The Windows Sysinternals Administrator's Reference: We are excited and proud to announce the release of the official Sysinternals book, The Windows Sysinternals Administrator's Reference, from Microsoft Press. Written by Sysinternals founder and tool author Mark Russinovich, and Windows expert Aaron Margosis, the book is over 450 pages and covers all 70+ tools in detail, with full chapters on the major tools like Process Explorer and Autoruns. In addition to tips and tricks in the tool chapters, it includes 17 "Case of the Unexplained…" examples of the tools used by users to solve real-world problems. Buy the book today and take your Windows troubleshooting and systems management skills to the next level.

Process Explorer v15: Process Explorer v15 celebrates the release of the Sysinternals Administrator Reference and the upcoming 15th anniversary of Sysinternals. This major update to Process Explorer, a powerful tool for inspecting and controlling processes, threads, loaded DLLs, and more, adds GPU utilization and memory monitoring on Vista and higher. It also adds the ability to restart services, has a smaller memory footprint, and has visually cleaner performance graphs.

Listdlls v3.1: ...

Findlinks v1: This new command-line utility lists the hard links associated with a specified file.


Wow... 15 years of Sysinternals, where would we be without them? (Hint: In a world of hurt...  ;)


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