Tuesday, July 12, 2011

RadioShack and Instructables.com present 10 Awesome Projects (Free eBook [PDF/ePub])

Instructables.com - RadioShack presents 10 Awesome Projects

“In this ebook, you will find ten awesome projects born from the partnership between RadioShack and Instructables.com. From an electronic stethoscope to a cigar box guitar and a fuzz pedal, Instructables has you covered for the directions, and RadioShack has all the parts and pieces you'll need to make these projects and more.




Looks interesting… I have good memories of Radio Shack (but haven’t been there in years… :/  )

NOTE: As of the writing of this, I can’t seem to download the PDF or epub version. Not sure if this is a “me/my firewall” thing or… Will have to try it again later.

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