Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You Wake? Prove it! Alarm Clock where you have to play Tetris to prove you’re awake…

Instructables: exploring - featured - Alarm Clock with Tetris to Prove You're Awake

“This is an Arduino powered alarm clock that after hitting snooze twice the alarm will not cancel until the user has cleared 4 lines in the game Tetris. You physically turn the clock sideways, so the screen is vertical, to play Tetris. It's never fun to wake up in the morning but playing a little Tetris is at least somewhat enjoyable and quite effective.


Feel free to vote for me in the microcontroller contest if you like my project. It would appear that contest might be specific to making things move. So what does this move? It moves the student who stayed up too late doing homework, it moves the parent with a new born child, it moves the Instructables author who was compelled to finish their project against all common sense. It moves what can often be the most immoveable of objects... you.



That’s just awesome… I know a few people where this could come in handy. :|

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