Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sharing your Visual Studio Projects cleanly with CleanProject

Ron Jacobs - CleanProject - Cleans Visual Studio Solutions For Uploading or Email


How many times have you wanted to send a project to a friend or upload it to a web site like MSDN Code Gallery only to find that your zip file has lots of stuff that you don't need to send in it making the file larger than it needs to be.

  • bin folder
  • obj folder
  • TestResults folder
  • Resharper folders
And then if you forget about removing Source Control bindings whoever gets your project will be prompted with errors about Source Control.
With Clean Project, I simply run it and get a nice clean folder or zip file that I can share without any of these issues ...


MSDN Code Gallery - CleanProject - Cleans Visual Studio Solutions For Uploading or Email


Building the Sample

This sample comes complete but it does have some dependencies which you may want to update with NuGet

Package Dependencies

To update a package, open the Package Manager Console and type

PM>update-package cmdline

Open the solution and build it to get a tool you can use for cleaning projects

Using CleanProject.exe

The best way to use CleanProject.exe is to run the CleanProject.msi installer.

The installer will add Clean Project to your external tools ...


If you're zipping and shipping VS Solution/Project folders, then this tool might come in handy for you...


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