Sunday, August 28, 2011

The 1932 Los Angeles Zombie Killing Games map

The 1932 Zombie Killing Games in Los Angeles

"A Zombie Olympics in Los Angeles! It happened -- or at least you'll think it did after looking at this 11 x 17, suitable for framing print!

Comes with this description: A grand confluence of events created the great Los Angeles Zombie Killing Games. After the success of the 1932 Olympics, the city was eager to make use of their newly built stadiums and housing, and to reap more tourist and investment dollars. At the same time, a virulent strain of Living Undead Infections (or “Zombies”) affected the entire Valley area, from Santa Monica to Whittier. Mayor John C. Porter proposed the Zombie Killing Games (also known as the Living Undead Olympics), which drew renowned slayers from around the world to compete ...


Nothing like a little zombie alt-history on a Sunday... :P

(via reddit/LosAngeles - The 1932 Zombie Killing Games in Los Angeles)


Raymond Sigler said...

Can I buy one?
Ray in LA.

Greg Duncan said...

Ray, Yep, you sure can... Click on through via the link or by clicking on the map and you'll be sent to the site were you can get one for $20.00...