Saturday, August 20, 2011

MSDN and TechNet downloads, a side-by-side comparison

.NET Hobbyist Programmer - MSDN vs. TechNet

"For a period of time, I have access to both an MSDN and a TechNet subscription. Both offer Microsoft software for download. I wondered what the similarities and differences were between the two subscriptions. I copied the two download lists into Excel and aligned them. Most of the material I would never use. Some products I have never heard of. I present the lists, current as of today, for your reviewing pleasure.


Having also had times where I've had both TechNet and MSDN (though my default, ongoing, gee, I've got to have it, has as high a priority as oxygen, is MSDN) I thought this a cool side-by-side MSDN/TechNet download list. In short, this is not a surprise, TechNet is a subset of MSDN (Guess that's good/understandable given the price diff...)

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