Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Windows Azure Toolkits for Devices now in Android flavor too!

Wade Wegner - Windows Azure Toolkits for Devices – Now With Android!

"I am tremendously pleased to share that today we have released the Windows Azure Toolkit for Android! We announced our intentions to build a toolkit for Android back in May, and it had always been our intention to release this summer (we only missed by a week or so).

In addition to this release of Android, we have also:

These releases complete our coverage of the three device platforms we intended to cover earlier this year when we started our work – Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.



Today we released version 0.8 of the Windows Azure Toolkit for Android. This version includes native libraries that provide support for storage and authN/Z, a sample application, and unit tests. Everything is built in Eclipse and uses the Android SDK.



I don't currently code for android (nor much Azure yet either...) but I know many do and I wanted to highlight this cross platform commitment by Microsoft. While you'd think it a no-brainer, sometimes corps have no brains... : o

Anyway, cool to see this and I hope there's more like commitments in the future.


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