Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Windows Phone 7 + Azure = App Joy (or "Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone v1.3 released" or "Same Wade, Same Toolkit, Different Device, Different Blog...")

The Windows Phone Developer Blog (Wade Wegner) - Building Windows Phone Applications Using Windows Azure



To make it easier for Windows Phone developers to use Windows Azure, we have created the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone. This toolkit provides a set of Visual Studio project templates that give you an advanced starting point for building Windows Phone applications tied into services running in Windows Azure. The toolkit also includes libraries, sample applications, and documentation.

Today we’ve released version 1.3 which includes some great updates, including:

For more information on this release you can watch this video on Channel 9:



Showing the WATD (Windows Azure Toolkit for Devices) WP7 love too... :)

I liked the depth in this post, which provides a good depth in detail to get you up and running with WATD.


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Windows Azure and Window Phone 7 is like beer and peanuts, with the "Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7"

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