Friday, September 16, 2011

"Don't Be Crappy, Write an Appy - Windows Phone Camp"

Small And Mighty - Don't Be Crappy, Write an Appy - Windows Phone Camp

"What’s a Windows Phone Camp?

For those who went to our "Windows Phone Garage" series last year, its one of those. For those new to the scene, its a free, full day event chocked full of everything you need to know to develop a Windows Phone application. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just getting started with phone app development this full-day event is for you.

Interested in profit? We’ll also lead discussions on how to monetize your applications and generate profits with your apps.

Don’t miss the new Windows Phone 7.5 (codename "Mango") features as well - with detailed sessions in the afternoon around Fast Application Switching, Multitasking, Live Tiles, Push Notifications, and more.

The day will be capped with an open lab hands-on session and prizes for apps completed...


How can I ignore a post with a title like that! And the fact it's an offer for a free day of WP7.1/5 Training, well that's a combination that's hard to beat! :)

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