Friday, September 16, 2011

WebMatrix v2 Beta is out...

Thread: WebMatrix 2 Beta is now available!

"Welcome to WebMatrix 2 Beta!

Since we released version 1 in January, we've been hard at work incorporating your feedback, and hope you'll love what we've done. If you're itching to download the product, you can do so here now.

We received hundreds of great questions, bug reports and feature requests in response to our first release. Developers like you jumped in to help resolve issues and answer questions, which thousands of others benefited from. Thank you to everyone who has helped make our communities great!

Below are highlights of our favorite features, and links to content so you can read more and learn what’s new and how to use them. As always, your feedback is pivotal to the success of our app, so please discuss the beta here, and suggest new features for us to work on.

Our whole team is excited to put our hard work in your hands and see the great things you can do with it. Happy WebMatrix'ing!

Happy WebMatrix'ing!

Click here to download WebMatrix.

Robert Lucero IIS Testing Blog - WebMatrix 2 Beta–Released!

Today we’re releasing the first public Microsoft WebMatrix 2 Beta! It contains a number of new features and improvements from version 1.

Try it out today!

Here is just a short list of what’s new and improved:

New Features:



WebMatrix 2 Beta


I've not yet used WebMatrix for anything real (or hardly at all) but it's still good to see if get some update love...

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