Thursday, September 22, 2011

Daddy, tell me a story of how Amazon used their AWS to host their internal SharePoint 2010... "Once upon a time..."

Amazon Web Services Blog - New Whitepaper: Amazon's Corporate IT Deploys Corporate Intranet Running SharePoint 2010 on AWS

"Within Amazon, we often use the phrase "drinking our own champagne" to describe our practice of using our own products and services to prove them out under actual working conditions. We build products that we can use ourselves. We believe in them.

Amazon's Corporate IT recently wrapped up an important project and they have just documented the entire project in a new technical whitepaper.

Download whitepaper (PDF)

Amazon's Corporate IT team deployed its corporate intranet to Amazon EC2 instances running Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and SQL Server 2008, all within a Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC). This is a mission-critical internal corporate application that must deal with a large amount of very sensitive data.

The whitepaper describes the entire deployment process in step by step fashion: initial requirements analysis, security review, deployment success criteria, proof of concept, application architecture, configuration of SharePoint 2010 and SQL Server, and final production deployment



Here's a snap of the 13 page PDF;


I thought this something interesting and I've not seen much on SharePoint being hosted on AVPC/EC2/AWS...

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