Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Making Visual Studio 11 Dev Preview Help point to VS11 based MSDN content (and not VS10 content, as it does now)

The Help Guy - Hook Up Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview and Visual Studio Express for Windows Developer Preview to Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview content on MSDN

"I hope you’ve been having fun exploring the new features of both Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview and Windows 8 Developer Preview!

At the time that we were getting all our bits ready to release to manufacturing for the //build conference, we did not yet have the Dev11 query service enabled on our MSDN Library site. As a result, the IDE is still pointing to the Dev10 query service both for Help | View Help and for F1 requests.

Since //build we have deployed the Dev11 query service, and you can now tweak your registry to point to that. << insert standard caveat here about modifying the registry yourself… :) >>

For Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview:



Real Dev's don't need no stink'n Help!...

Well, then I guess I'm not a real dev, because I think this will come in handy. :P

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