Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Origo - Future 3D Printer for kids (Thing "A dad's perfect excuse to get a 3D printer...")

Tech Crunch - Origo: A 3D Printer For Kids


Origo is a concept product right now but it should be available soon. Clad in purple plastic, the system is a standard extruder-type 3D printer that can make various small objects out of a thin stream of plastic. The founders, Joris Peels and Artur Tchoukanov, are two experienced 3D printing experts. Peels was the community manager for i.materialise and Shapeways. They designed the Origo to have a minimum of moving parts and a simple UI using 3Dtin as a design platform.


The Origo describes itself thusly:

Right now, I am just an idea. I will be as easy to use as an Xbox or Wii. I’ll be as big as three Xbox 360’s and as expensive as 3 Xbox 360’s. I will sit on your desk and quietly build your ideas, drawings and dreams.

There are other 3D printers. But none will be as easy to use as I will. None will be as reliable or work as hard for you. I’m not a kit or an industrial machine. I’m not complicated. I’m an appliance, like a toaster or a microwave. Only I’m purple and make your stuff.

No pricing or availability but Joris expects the device to cost about $800. Sadly, they’re not yet funded...."

Ohhhhh... I want one. "But Honey, it's for the kids!"  :P

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