Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The PowerShell Magazine launches...

Development in a Blink - The PowerShell Magazine Launches

"I am fortunate enough to have been invited to be both a founder and editor of the new PowerShell Magazine. I get to join a terrific list of passionate PowerShell people.

When making choices about what projects to take up, a key factor for me is, who are the players. I have always strived to join groups with better tennis players than myself. I believe it’s a fundamental way to improve your game.

These guys are some of the top guys in the PowerShell space today. But wait, there’s more. Their connections to the other top players in PowerShell ecosystem


What this means to you

A great line up authors, articles and information for the first issue, to be released in October, and we are busy planning follow on issues.

Best part, it’s free.


Windows 8 is coming and that means PowerShell vNext. Plus, there are numerous PowerShell third party products, ISVs and Open Source projects that you need to know about. Not to mention, tips, tricks, gotchas and much, much more.

PowerShell Magazine is the only magazine dedicated to only PowerShell."

PowerShell Magazine


Something that could easily fall through the cracks today with all the news that's out, so I wanted to be sure to mention it. In two words, PowerShell rocks! (and so does a free magazine for it too :)

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