Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So you've been asking about the future of F# in VS 11? F# 3.0 Developer Preview now available...

fsharpteam - F# 3.0 Developer Preview Now Available!

"The Visual Studio F# team is excited to announce a preview release of F# 3.0 as part of the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview, announced on Tuesday at the //build/ conference. This preview is available now for all MSDN subscribers.

The general release will be Friday at 10am PDT. The F# compiler will continue to be available as an independent installation, but that configuration is not part of this preview release.

With F#, we bring you a powerful, succinct, efficient, and expressive language, which allows you to write simple code to solve complex problems. F# is a productivity accelerator—it is used by a growing community to solve analytical programming problems in a variety of domains, such as trading, finance, bio-informatics, blog analysis, advertising, and energy markets. To learn more about F#, visit the F# Developer Center.

With F# 3.0, we are maintaining and expanding this vision through the addition of F# Information Rich Programming, consisting of F# LINQ Queries, the F# Type Provider mechanism, and a set of built-in type providers for enterprise and web data standards.



Good to see F# has a good future in VS 11... Nice to see the new data features.

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