Monday, September 19, 2011

"Reply to All with Attachment" Outlook Addin (with source. :)

CodePlex - Reply All with Attachments [Outlook Add-In]

"SCENARIO & USE: While using Outlook, many of us like to click Reply to All and wish all the attachments were included as-is. Or we wish we could click Forward and have all the recipients copied in as well. Here is a combo that helps both. Reply All with Attachment add-in!

See the attached Image that shows the 'Custom Actions' button that has 'Reply All with Attachment' button under it.
Note: You can also right-click on a selected email and find the same button under Custom Actions.


I don't know about you, but I play the "I want to reply all AND keep the attachments, so I have to actually forward this and copy-n-paste all the recipients" game way to often. So when I saw this, and that it included the source, well... installed.

The funny part is that in looking at the code, it's playing the "forward/copy recipients" game too. It's actually forwarding the email, copying in the recipients and fixing up the subject line.

(via - How can I retain an attachment in Outlook when I hit reply?)

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