Sunday, October 23, 2011

Amiga netbook on the way?

OS News - AmigaOne X1000 To Ship by Year's End; Amiga Netbook Announced

"Big news from the Amiga world this weekend. That stubborn bunch are holding AmiWest 2011 this weekend, and it's been one heck of an eventful little, uh, event. Not only will the AmigaOne X1000 start shipping by year's end, Hyperion also announced something many in the Amiga world have been waiting for for a long time: an Amiga laptop.


Amiga netbook

Good news, then, that something else lies on the horizon, something Amiga fans have been asking and hoping for for a long time now. Yes, At AmiWest, Hyperion, the company that develops AmigaOS, has announced a PowerPC netbook which is already running AmigaOS4. Sticker shock won't be an issue here - the netbook will cost between $300 and $500 (which includes AmigaOS4), which would make this the perfect entry-level Amiga machine. If they manage to hit the $300 price point, I'm pretty sure they'd be able to push quite a few of these (relative to the more expensive X1000 and various sam440-based Amigas).

So, what can we expect from this machine? Well, it's 'sourced in a special configuration from an OEM'. Current prototypes have an integrated graphics chip, 512 MB of RAM, a few gigabytes of storage, the usual array of USB/audio/ethernet ports, and a wireless chip. AmigaOS4 is already running on it, but in an early state. It is expected to be released somewhere in mid-2012.


Come on all you old time Amiga fans, you know that's kind of awesome...  :)

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff, finally a os4 machine I'll be able to afford.