Monday, October 24, 2011

BestSFBooks - Your Science Fiction Book Award Aggregator (Browse books/authors with the most awards in a given period)


The Best SF and Fantasy books, instantly. We have 702 authors, 310 series, and 3250 books ranked according to 12 awards.




Just saw this today and I've now named it one of my favorite book browsing sites... What I like is it's simplicity, it's just so darn simple, clean and useful (... must...control self... must... not buy more books now... must... control...)

(Via HowToGeek - BestSFBooks Catalogs Award Winning Science-Fiction Books)

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Thomas Williams said...

Nice Greg. thanks for the link - was looking for some new SF books for my Kindle (and for some reason could not get new Vernor Vinge one...doh!)